Anthony started his career at Jordan Brand and eventually got 13 signature shoes before they dropped them in 2017, the fifth-longest line in history. He now stays with Jordan Brand, even though his famous shoe is coming to an end. There are 14 current or former NBA stars who earn at least $9 million in shoe stores, based on conversations with basketball insiders. They range from Jordan ($130 million) to Klay Thompson ($9 million). NBA sneaker offers are overlaid on potential bonuses for sales, individual rewards, and team performance. Our annual contract estimates are based on the fact that players are star players and playoff participants, earning royalties on signature shoes with strong sales. Bonuses for MVP rewards and NBA titles will drive up the sums even more. Still, he still earns millions of dollars in endorsement contracts, especially his 2012 Adidas contract, which earns him about $11 million a year. The deal also included a private jet, a $250,000 salary for his brother and a $150,000 donation to an organization chosen by Rose. Surprisingly, Nike couldn`t sign Steph Curry again in 2013 because they couldn`t match Under Armour`s $4 million offer.

Today, Forbes calculates that the Warriors point guard is earning $42 million in endorsement contracts, most of which come from his contract with Under Armour. #7 – Derrick Rose: $14.2 million/year, adidas – Shortly before Derrick Rose tore his anterior cruciate ligament during the 2012 NBA playoffs, he signed a maximum contract with the Bulls and a 13-year, $185 contract with adidas, which must be considered one of the most random moments of an influx of money in human history. If Rose hadn`t thrived so early in his career, things might have been very different for him, but as it stands, he owns one of the biggest shoe stores in the industry (but again, it was largely based on incentives, so he didn`t cash in as much as the reported numbers would have you believe). Rose and adidas just unveiled the Rose 6, so they`re still quite on a beloved player in his huge Chicago home market, but on the other hand, they don`t really have a choice. He signed, regardless of his state of health. Joel Embiid is the nba`s greatest player with his own shoe contract. The 7-foot center of the Philadelphia 76ers signed with Under Armour in 2018 and introduced the UA Embiid One in August 2020. The only successful sneaker deal signed in the past three years belongs to New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson, who joined Nike`s Jordan brand in July 2019 after a year at Duke University that captivated Hoops fans.

Williamson`s deal has an estimated value of $12 million this year, and his first signature shoe, The Zion 1, is available in stores in limited quantities starting Friday. There are a dozen NBA players, including a retired legend, who will earn at least $8 million in their shoe stores this year, according to Sportico estimates based on conversations with industry insiders. Estimates assume royalties similar to those of previous years and bonuses based on playoff and All-Star appearances, but not necessarily NBA titles or MVPs that can trigger multi-million dollar kickers. The top 12 are expected to earn about $310 million combined this year. Wholesale sales at Nike`s Jordan Brand subsidiary reached $3.14 billion in the fiscal year ended May 2019, up 10 percent from 2018. MJ`s annual revenue is estimated at $130 million, four times more than James, the No. 2 revenue, at $32 million. 16 years after lacing his own tops on the court, more Jordan-branded shoes and clothing are being sold than the signature lines of any other current NBA player. Combined.

The biggest sneaker deals in NBA history involve the league`s biggest superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. When Antetokounmpo was drafted in 2013, Nike was the only company approaching him with a contract. Giannis Antetokounmpo, who plays power forward and small forward for the Milwaukee Bucks, is the next name on our list of NBA players with Nike shoe contracts. Kyrie Irving and Paul George also have their own Nike kick lines. Irving is in his eighth signature shoe at Nike, though the Brooklyn Nets goalie called the design and release of the company`s new edition «trash cans.» George, on the other hand, has five sets of PG basketball shoes with Nike. Even after two decades, Air Jordan sneakers still dominate the footwear industry. The iconic shoes he wore during his time in the NBA were still flocked and sold out a few minutes after they were released. The same trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Like Klay Thompson, James Harden was a Nike athlete for a long time before changing shoe manufacturers. In 2015, he ended his partnership with the Swoosh brand (Nike refusing to engage in a bidding war) and signed a massive $200 million deal over 13 years with Adidas.

Nike and Kobe Bryant`s estate did not renew their contracts last week, ending a nearly two-decade relationship between the Los Angeles Lakers icon and the sportswear giant — and low sales of performance basketball shoes undoubtedly played a role. «Kobe was a big problem in China, but never a big strength on shoes in the United States,» Powell said. Iverson became Reebok`s face from his rookie year to his final season in the NBA. He wanted to change the culture by signing with a non-Nike brand and doing just that. His signature shoe line «The Answer» was among the most popular during his time in the league and is still prevalent today. Like many of the best players in the NBA, Stephen Curry started with Nike approval and wore the brand`s shoes for the first four years of his professional career. In 2013, however, he moved to Under Armour, a relatively new company on the basketball scene. Under Armour has just extended Steph Curry`s contract until 2024.

Here`s a look at the most lucrative shoe deals. Adidas is paying three players – James Harden, Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard – at least $10 million this year. Their contracts all last at least 10 years, but Adidas has only 5.5% market share, a tick behind Under Armour`s 6.1% who built their basketball business on the back of Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. Zion wasn`t cheap for Nike after its Nike PG 2.5 shoe disintegrated on national television in February, leaving an egg on the face of the $39 billion sports giant. His multi-year contract is valued at $13 million a year, including feasible incentives, and ranks fifth among current NBA players. A clean line is almost certain in the near future. These lucrative shoe stores are changing the lives of these players, as they pocket millions of dollars (sometimes even higher than their annual salary!). Talk about getting paid and living the dream of a signature sneaker. The Lakers point guard has been the face of Jordan Brand since signing his first five-year contract with them in 2013. In 2017, Nike extended his contract for another decade, paying him $15 million in the first year alone. That sum made the nine-time All-Star the brand`s highest-paid endorser at the time.

James signed a lifetime contract with Nike in 2016, whose CEO Maverick Carter said GQ was worth more than $1 billion. His shoes must continue to be sold with a high clip in retirement to reach this brand. #2 – Stephen Curry: Undisclosed terms, Under Armour – At the end of 2013, Under Armour held a 0.35% market share in basketball shoes and sold only $30 million worth of products, but after an MVP and championship year for Curry, sales increased 754% last season, pushing Under Armour to second place in the shoe market behind Nike. That`s almost entirely thanks to Curry One, and Under Armour recently showed their appreciation by extending Curry`s contract until 2024. The terms of this deal have not been disclosed, but if you know what UA Durant offered a year ago, and knowing that Curry received shares in a company that is clearly on the rise, it`s a good path to dare that, in the end, Curry will make more money than Durant….

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